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Discover Bionutri AR1

Bionutri AR1 is a highly complex nutraceutical that minimizes the side effects of cancer treatments.

As a result of investment in biotechnology and innovation, it has established itself on the market as an exclusive product due to its bioavailability, obtained through a unique fermentation process without additives or preservatives.
By using biologically active agents, it promotes the nutritional recovery of cancer patients, detoxifies the body, and restores the weakened immune system caused by chemotherapy and radiotherapy.
Since Bionutri AR1 provides bioavailable nutrients fragmented into smaller particles, it ensures easy absorption by the body, being therefore suitable for pre- and post-operative patients and those facing treatments or illnesses that cause weight loss of over 20% (severe malnutrition), cancer, and AIDS/HIV.
Bionutri AR1’s bioavailability ensures that the patient’s nutrition process is facilitated by the action of over 50 substances obtained through fermentation, such as beta-glucan, an immunostimulant and immunomodulator that promotes body detoxification through macrophages.
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Enjoy the quality of life and dignity
Bionutri AR1 is a new concept in nutritional therapy
Welcome to the future of biotechnology.

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Quality of life and dignity

Bionutri AR1 is a new concept in nutritional therapy

Come into the future of biotechnology

About Us

Founded in 2013, Pharnutri is a company that applies highly complex, highquality biotechnology in its production process.

Bionutri AR1®, an innovative Pharnutri product, was created by the hands of the pharmaceutical biochemist Antônio Roncolatto (1919 – 1993). Initial research into the Bionutri AR1® formula composition began in the 70s.

After losing her sister to lung cancer, Antônio Roncolatto took the development of a product for patients undergoing cancer treatment as his life purpose.

After years of research, investment, and testing,
Claudio Roncolatto, founder of Pharnutri, managed to sharpen the innovative formula created by his father.


As a pro-health company, we research, develop, and produce new products with high complexity, efficacy, and technological innovation.
High quality and ethics are paramount to our products, aimed at customer benefit and satisfaction. We cherish our partners and employees and make them the beneficiaries of our success. It is always our goal to respect the environment and society.


We are committed to corporate and social responsibility. By combining science, technology, and quality into our products, we strive for absolute excellence in everything we do. Our success is based on honesty and integrity.


We believe that everyone is entitled to a healthier and happier life. This is why we are dedicated to developing products and services that improve people’s lives.
It includes safe and effective products, as well as services that help people feel better, be healthier, and more productive.

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